8 Reasons Your Conference Room is Creating a Negative First Impression

Posted on October 29, 2014

For many businesses, a conference room is the showpiece of the office. It’s where deals are done, decisions are made and where first impressions are created.Conference Room Technology

A lot of thought typically goes into the design of a conference room. Tables, chairs, artwork and even wall color are all carefully chosen to achieve the “perfect” look.

Despite all of the effort, the functionality of your conference room may actually hinder your company’s ability to make a positive first impression.

8 Reasons Your Conference Room is Creating a Negative First Impression

  1. There are exposed audio visual wires throughout the room.
  2. Projector screens have to be manually set up.
  3. Video conferences are held via unreliable free services that oftentimes lag or cut out.
  4. Conference call participants huddle around one side of the table in order to speak into one microphone.
  5. Portable computer speakers are used for presentations.
  6. The temperature in the room is constantly fluctuating and you never know what to expect.
  7. Only one person within the company truly knows how to set up the AV equipment.
  8. The conference room is constantly double booked and meetings are always being shuffled to smaller office spaces.

While the above items seem minor by themselves, the culmination of many of them can really affect the perception of a potential client or business contact.

Addressing these items by upgrading your conference room will help you make a great first impression and close the big deal.

What Works For Your Office

Before you meet with a potential vendor to discuss upgrading your meeting space, take some time to really understand the wants and needs of your company. What works for one organization won’t necessarily work for another. Talk to your employees and find out what challenges they face and how they’re actually using the space.

Do you do the majority of your conference calls in that room? Maybe you should look into a video conferencing system with interactive whiteboarding capabilities.

Do you do a lot of presentations in the room? An upgraded speaker system with a built-in projector screen may be just what you need.

Or maybe the conference room is constantly double-booked and you need to create an interactive scheduling system that everyone can use.

No matter how big or small your needs may be, there is a solution that is right for you and your budget.

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