A Smarter Business

More and more of your essential business systems are connected to the network: audio, video, voice, data, lighting, security, and heating and cooling systems. Unfortunately, most of those systems don’t communicate with each other, resulting in inefficiency that costs time and money. Sebastian provides integrated, automated technology solutions that can monitor, manage, and control your business’s technology from a single platform you can access from anywhere, using touch screens, remotes, and smart devices.

Every part of your business can benefit from Sebastian’s integrated solutions:

  • Control Systems
  • Network Appliances
  • Digital Audio and Video
  • Enterprise Management Software
  • Security
  • Automation Sensors
  • Lighting and Shading Systems
  • HVAC
  • Infrastructure

Save Money

By communicating with each other, every part of your Building Automation System is able to work together to intelligently optimize the environment, including lighting and climate, based on room scheduling and occupancy. That results in fewer wasted resources — not to mention increased comfort, convenience, and security. And since historical usage data is saved, you’ll be able to track energy consumption over time and identify opportunities for further savings.

Total Control

Sebastian’s automation services make your building smarter. Our enterprise-level products support integration with HVAC and Building Management/Automation Systems, including ventilation, lighting, power, fire, elevators, and security. Each system runs independently, but is still able to communicate with each other on the same platform that you can control from anywhere.

Trusted Technology

Sebastian is an authorized dealer of Crestron Electronics, Inc. It’s the same technology that’s used in nearly every Fortune 500 company, along with hundreds of universities, hotels, healthcare facilities, and government agencies.