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Electrical Service

With service for electrical Fresno, Kerman, Sacramento, and Foresthill, we're just a call away from addressing all of your electrical needs.

Electrical Services

When it’s complicated, the answer is simple. Sebastian!

For over 75 years, Sebastian Corp has provided exceptional electrical services in California. Our team of highly trained, dedicated professionals will work closely with you to handle your electrical design, installation, troubleshooting, upgrade, and repair work. Count on us for the most innovative solutions in electrical services.


Outlets are one of the most important electrical elements in any building, as most devices we use are connected to outlets.


There are solutions ranging from basic wiring layouts to more complex ones requiring strategic wire placement and concealing.


There are solutions ranging from basic wiring layouts to more complex ones requiring strategic wire placement and concealing.

Electrical Panel


Your commercial business needs safe and up-to-code electrical panels in place to meet operational safety goals. We offer:
Repair and replace electrical fuses and breakers to prevent equipment damage due to electrical surges.
Replacement and repair of electrical components inside electrical panels. These may include wiring, switches, light indicators, etc.
Installing new panels at construction sites and other commercial properties. Our electricians can keep you from unwanted troubles of figuring out connections later on with clean and systematic wiring.
Replace old panels in bad condition with new and advanced mechanisms and technology. Or, if you have rewired your house, you will need to replace the existing panel to support the new schematic.
Want to move your panel to a new place? Count on us to provide efficient wiring and panel replacement solutions with high cost-efficiency.

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We've been around for over 75 years

Since Sebastian emerged into the construction market, we have been a leader in electrical, low voltage, and underground contracting. We also act as a telecommunications, MSP, and low voltage security provider.



Quality lighting gives your property the right feel and much-needed illumination.
For strategic illumination of rooms and other parts of the house.
Installation and repair of decorative lighting pieces.
Automated lighting control via remote devices.
Cost-friendly lighting modifications.
Solutions to make your house lighting more efficient.
Smart lighting repair and installation.

Electrical Wiring


There are solutions ranging from basic wiring layouts to more complex ones requiring strategic wire placement and concealing.
To ensure lightweight but efficient conducting wires.
Replacing burnt or smelly wiring.
Rewiring jobs to prevent overloading by heavy equipment.
Selection of the right materials and wire width for proper conduction and efficient power consumption.

Getting rid of buzzy noises due to loose wiring.

Fixing damaged cords in appliances.
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Outlets & Switches


Outlets and switches have to be placed strategically for utility and convenience. They are perhaps one of the most important electrical elements in any building.
Well functioning electrical switches and outlets are an essential part of any home. Our team of professionals are continuously trained on the latest industry-leading technology, techniques, and equipment to ensure your home and your home’s electrical systems are as safe, innovative and high performing as possible.
For smoke and gas
For security and intruder detection.
Repair and installation services.
Replace an installation.

Identifying faulty switches and outlets in switchboards

Early Signs of Electrical Problems

Typically, electrical problems go unnoticed until they have done enough damage to be beyond repair. And when it is about commercial property, electrical problems can also hit your smooth daily operations and bottom line. However, some signs can help prevent severe threats to property or life.

Generally, it’s best to consult an electrician at the earliest. So, if you observe any of the following signs, it’s time to ask for professional help:

  • Discolored outlets.
  • Scorched electrical outlets.
  • Exposed, frayed, or chewed electrical wires, especially in everyday access places.
  • Flickering or dimming lights. It usually happens when you use a heavy appliance.
  • Loose electrical wires or outlets.
  • Heated up switches, breakers, or electrical fixtures.
  • Repeated circuit breaker tripping without substantial electrical loads.
  • Slowing down of electrical fans.

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