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Using Sebastian Corp for MSP enables your business to operate at the cutting edge, ensuring all mission critical tasks are well under care.

Managed IT Support Services

When it’s complicated, the answer is simple. Sebastian!

Sebastian Corp has the resources to handle even the largest managed service provider (MSP) needs. With a strong history of providing exceptional service to our customers for decades and the modern, innovative services today’s clients need, our team is your best choice for MSP.

What Does A Managed Service Provider Do?

An MSP delivers services to an organization that specifically aids in the management of its infrastructure. This includes delivering services such as network and application solutions, infrastructure, and security solutions, as well as ongoing support.
If you are managing your IT services in-house, you may have a team of professionals who have the sole job of keeping your computer systems, communications networks, and software online and working their best. You may know that it is a labor-intensive process, one that requires a constant level of highly sophisticated support.

Solutions from a Leader in the Industry

Protect your network from threats and keep your employees productive with our proactively managed IT services. These services enable Sebastian to monitor all devices and IT networks. We can identify and fix issues before they become disruptive.
We install the latest models and solutions for any IT setup and need.
We offer a range of server solutions to meet each one of your needs, no matter the size or amount of data you are processing.
Allow our team to install the network infrastructure your organization needs, including the hardware and software and systems and devices to enable communication between each component of your operation.
Protect your data and operations with the best level of backup infrastructure available, minimizing security risks and downtime and keeping your business up and running.
Minimize the risk of security and network breaches, an ongoing problem for even small to medium-sized businesses. Let us help you modernize your existing security solutions.

Allow our team to take on the complex projects and specific needs you have. Our MSP can handle all of your needs, including any creative solutions you have for your IT systems. Let’s talk about your project ideas and deploy the solutions you need.

DR Services/Business continuity: Enable our team to handle all compliance requirements, business continuity requirements, and disaster recovery plans up to date. Ensure that if something goes wrong, there is a plan to resolve the complications.

Consider How Our Managed Network Supports Your Business Operations

Our goal at Sebastian Corp is to provide you with solutions that fit your business. Our team will work with you to best understand your current network. We can then make recommendations for any upgrades or changes you need to better optimize how your organization is operating. From there, we work closely with you to make those changes happen, ensuring your system is always operating at its best.

We can do this in various ways:


We can handle security needs, reducing the risks your organization faces to cybersecurity and ransomware attacks, ensuring we are hardening your IT systems to reduce risk.

User Management

We manage user accounts on your systems, ensuring the right people have access to the resources they need while keeping those who should not have access out.


We manage your IT infrastructure, ensuring it is always operational and working at its best to support your business’s operations.

Why Choose Sebastian Corp?

We work hard to ensure you have the solutions you need. When you choose a company that has served the area reliably for more than 75 years, you know you are working with a leader.