Client Success Story: City of Madera Business Security System Records Purse Snatching

Posted on November 11, 2013

Business Security CamerasEarlier this year, Sebastian won a bid to install a security system in Madera’s public transportation bus yard. The facility had experienced several security issues and was looking for a solution that would allow them to watch the parking lot and the fence line.

The project incorporated cameras that monitored the entire facility in addition to perimeter security cameras to watch the fence line.

The city was impressed with a demo video that the team turned in with the proposal, thus awarding Sebastian the contract.

One local woman is happy they did, but the thieves who tried to snatch her purse, not so much. But more on them in a minute.

The Equipment

180_Degree_Arecont_CameraThe Sebastian team went out to the facility with a 180 Degree Arecont Vision SurroundVideo┬« mounted on a pole and recorded real footage of Madera’s Intermodal Facility from various angles to show the client exactly what type of surveillance footage they could expect from the company. In some cases, the 180 Degree Arecont camera can do the job of multiple cameras, capturing that same amount of area would otherwise require two cameras.

Many security companies do not use these cameras and are unable to capture the amount of area that this single camera can. Additionally, there is often cost savings for the client because less cameras are needed to the the job.

The project included the installation of an IP Video and Surveillance System with a total of nine cameras strategically placed throughout the facility.

Caught on Camera

The goal of the project was to keep an eye on the city’s assets but it paid off one day when the security cameras actually caught a theft. A woman was walking by the facility and two people jumped out of the car to steal her purse. The footage is now being used to look for the suspects.

While the primary duty of a business security system is to protect company property, it is always a bonus when it can actually help solve a personal crime.