Builders Program

The Sebastian Builders Program allows homebuilders to add value to their homes by integrating all the latest technologies- without the headaches of trying to understand, construct and sell these complicated systems to buyers.

Sebastian has over 65 years of experience as a communications and information technology leader in the Central Valley. When you partner with us through our Builders Program, we’ll provide a full range of services, starting from the ground up.

  • Electrical installation
  • Trenching
  • Underground infrastructure
  • Pre-wiring
  • System installation
  • Post-install monitoring

Our range of consumer technology offerings can give your homes a competitive edge, with little or no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Our Builders Program offers many advantages for both builders and buyers.  Call (559) 432-5800 to learn more about Sebastian’s Builders Program.

Complete “Smart Home” Automation Systems

In addition to Sebastian’s full range of home entertainment offerings, our integrated “smart home” systems offer home automation with climate and lighting control, secure access control (including garages), and complete alarm systems with cameras. We’ll work with you to determine which options you’d like to make available to your buyers. All of our technology options can be integrated into any project with minimal impact on your building process.

Easy for Builders

Sebastian’s Builders Program is designed to make life easier for builders. We offer customized packages tailored to your specific needs. We’ll even create co-branded collateral materials to make the process transparent and seamless for homebuyers. We want to ensure your projects run smoothly, so we integrate easily with your current processes.

Easy for Buyers

Our knowledgeable on-site representatives meet with homebuyers to demonstrate the technologies, explain the benefits, and determine appropriate jack locations for phone, data, and TV. Buyers have the option of paying for their systems in advance, at the time of escrow, or by rolling it into their mortgage. Sebastian can even provide local monitoring and support after the owners move in.