Experienced Electrical Contracting

Sebastian performs electrical and communication installations for some of the leading private and public sector institutions throughout the Central Valley. With 65 years of construction experience on a variety of commercial and public works projects, we have expertise in every facet of electrical construction, maintenance, and service. We also understand the paperwork and zoning requirements of large-scale school and governmental projects. Sebastian eliminates the need for multiple subcontractors and provides a wide range of integrated services, so we can handle the entire job — and get it done right.

Our construction teams are organized for maximum efficiency from the top down. Through careful project management, we’re able to keep your project on schedule and on budget without compromising quality. All our team members share a single focus: provide the most complete end-to-end solution for your project while staying flexible enough to meet your organization’s changing needs.

Call (559) 432-5800 to learn how your next job can benefit from our construction expertise.