Door-to-Door Home Security Scams and 7 Tips to Keep You Safe

Posted on May 28, 2014

Tips to Handle Door to Door SalespeopleWarmer weather is usually an invitation for door-to-door salespeople to hit the streets.

In Fresno, Ca., it has been reported that residents have been encountering door-to-door home security salespeople claiming that the city has issued a grant that will pay for the installation of an alarm system in their home.

The Fresno Police Department investigated this claim and deemed it false. It also reminded residents that the department does not endorse a specific alarm company. If you run into someone claiming any of the above, please proceed with extreme caution and ask for identification and thoroughly research the company before signing any sort of contract.

Home security scams don’t just happen to smaller less-known companies. Earlier this year, a couple was arrested in Grandview, Mo. for convincing an elderly woman that her home security system, from a very well-known company, had to be updated.

Be Cautious When Dealing With Solicitors

Door-to-door solicitation is nothing new. It is a tried and true way for some businesses to spread the word and drum up new customers.

However, people should remain alert to the possibility of potential criminals scouting the neighborhood for the chance to steal something, break into homes or commit some other crime.

  1. Immediately ask for identification.
  2. Ask them to show documentation that they are licensed.
  3. Do not feel obligated to let the salesperson in your home.
  4. If the salesperson refuses to leave, call the police.
  5. Do not let them on your roof or backyard to check on your home, unless you have specifically requested such service.
  6. Resist the urge to buy anything on the spot. Take your time and research the company and offer before purchasing or signing a contract.
  7. You do not have to answer your door to a solicitor. If you feel uncomfortable, simply ignore the knocking at your door.
  8. If you are in the market for a new home security system, the safest way to ensure you are dealing with legitimate representatives is to call an expert yourself and schedule a consultation.

Do your research prior to the meeting and have an idea of what sort of system you need. Many current systems offer advanced capabilities like energy management.