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Electrician Fresno

For a commercial business looking for an electrician, Fresno owners can confidently contact and work with Sebastian Corp. for their needs. As a leader in the industry, we consistently provide a wide range of electrical services to commercial businesses in the region, ensuring outstanding responsiveness and reliability for our clients. Your Fresno electrician can provide you with exceptional support and guidance. Reach out to us with any commercial electrical need with confidence.

Dependability and Experience

There are many things to look for when you need to hire an electrician. Most important to most businesses is getting the work done properly. With the help of our electrical services, your business never has to worry about the complexities of operations or the most effective solution for your needs. We provide outstanding workmanship and deliver the very best value possible.
Sebastian Corp has a long history of providing electrical services in the region. Our services are extensive, covering not just traditional electrical work but also underground contracting and low voltage services. When you hire Sebastian Corp., you can count on receiving exceptional support for any project and need you have. We are fully committed to providing you with outstanding results on a consistent basis.

Comprehensive Electrical Services in Fresno

Hiring an electrician near Fresno for your commercial or industrial business does not have to be a challenge. Our licensed and fully certified team of professionals can handle most types of electrical work for your organization. That includes providing you with underground work and construction related to electrical systems. Consider some of the work we can help you with today.


If your organization needs repairs to any type of electrical system, reach out to us today. A certified electrician is available to come to your location to troubleshoot and analyze what is happening with you. We will gather insight and information and then determine all of the options for getting your business up and running properly again.
Keep in mind our repair services are comprehensive – we can tackle anything from lighting needs to fiber optic cable repairs. If you are unsure what is wrong, we can help you overcome those challenges as well. Simply reach out to us, tell us what is happening, and we will go to work finding a solution for your needs.

New Installation

Whether you are expanding or upgrading, new construction or existing construction, Sebastian Corp. is available to help you. When you need an electrician near Fresno capable of handling even the most difficult of tasks, count on our team to be there. We will work with you to best learn what your needs are and then create a solution that is fitting to your goals. Think big and long term – we can help you meet your needs now and plan for the results you need in the years to come.
New installation solutions are available throughout the Fresno area. If you need updates and modernizations or you are working through new construction, put Sebastian Corp. to work for you today. We work with companies who are in the planning stages as well as those who are already working through construction.

Emergency Services

There are times when electrical solutions are needed immediately. In Fresno, Sebastian Corp provides emergency electrician services when you need us. If you are unable to operate your business or you have a significant problem occurring that is limiting your business, contact us immediately. We will do all we can to get there as soon as possible to restore your electrical systems.
Our emergency electrician services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet your needs. If you need fast and reliable solutions to get your system back up and running or you have a sitewide problem, we can provide you with the solution you need in a timely matter. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help you.

Need Inspections or Prevention Services?

If you need to have an electrical inspection to ensure your operation is running at its best, contact our team immediately. We can also provide inspections to ensure your existing system is operating properly. That may help you avoid problems down the road with inefficiencies or repair needs. If we can see it, we can inspect it for you to ensure you are on target with your operational goals.

Trust in Decades of Experience and Service

When it comes to your electrician, Fresno companies can depend on the service we offer as they have for decades. When Sebastian Corp. was first formed in 1946, we started as a small phone company. Throughout the years, the services we offer to our clients have grown, as has our ability to meet their more intense and complex needs.
Our team has built a long history of providing superior services as a go-to Fresno electrician. Throughout the years, we have had many satisfied customers who value our professionalism and dedication to our clients. You will not find a more dedicated provider of the services we offer. We are confident you will find working with Sebastian Corp is as easy to do as possible. It is part of what we are committed to.

Superior workmanship

Any time you contact our certified electrician, know that you are going to get exceptional service and outstanding workmanship. We pay attention to the details and provide you with clear insight into what your options are. In addition to this, our team is dedicated to working with you to ensure that any project that needs to be completed can be done in a timely manner with careful attention. We do not rush projects to get them done. We ensure they are done properly the first time so that your business can get back up and running in no time.

Well qualified professionals

When you call a Sebastian Corp electrician, know that you are getting an experienced, trusted professional who wants to ensure you get the type of results you need every time. Our team is well trained. We operate in a way that allows us to ensure that any time our clients need us, we can provide well-qualified professionals to handle the work for them. That means ensuring we have a full team ready to go every day. You can trust that the workmanship you receive from us is done to code and provides a safe, reliable level of functionality to meet each of your goals.

Competitive pricing

Sebastian Corp electrician services are competitively priced. We aim to work with you to make the project as affordable as possible. We strive to ensure your needs are met within your budget. Expect superior service and workmanship no matter the project or the cost.
Contact us to ask us about our current rates. Discuss your project with our team today. Learn more about how we can help you achieve the goals you have.

Comprehensive Service That Extends Beyond Electrical Work

Sebastian Corp works with commercial and industrial clients in most sectors. We provide very exacting services to meet our clients’ needs in electrical work and construction. This includes providing lighting and power support, traffic signalization, and commercial and industrial customized electrical solutions.
Let us help you with all of your needs. That includes providing local and long distance phone service to help improve communications within your business so that you can achieve your goals. We can also provide high-speed internet that is highly reliable and can help you to get work done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Put your security in our hands, too. We offer monitored security systems designed to use the most advanced solutions possible.

Supporting You With Transparency

Hiring an electrician near Fresno is easier to do than you realize. When you work with Sebastian Corp., you know who you are working with every time you call us. Our construction teams are all organized to deliver maximum efficiency from the top down. It allows us to provide a better service for our clients when we operate in this manner. It also means you do not have to worry about managing multiple subcontractors or being unsure who is doing the work for you.
Put your trust in Sebastian Corp for the entire job. Learn more about our Sebastian Corp electrician services by giving us a call today.