Five Additional Benefits Residential Security Systems Bring to Your Home

Posted on November 4, 2013

ThiefTo most, a residential security system’s main purpose is to protect a home in case of intrusion. It is Residential Security Systems something that gets turned on when you leave and turned off when you get home. Many people won’t even experience the alarm actually going off, but the peace of mind that it brings is worth its weight in gold.

Did you know that having a residential home security system offers many other benefits to a homeowner, some of which may be a surprise.

Additional Benefits of a Residential Security System

Homeowners Insurance Discount

Most insurance providers offer discounts from 5% – 15% to homes with a security system. Contact your agent today to see if you qualify.

Increase Property Value

Property values in neighborhoods with less crime are typically higher than those with increased activity. More residential security systems in your neighborhood will hopefully lead to less crime and that will add extra value to your home. We are sure your neighbors will appreciate it, too!

Deter a Potential Crime

Nine out of 10 burglars will avoid homes with alarm systems and if they did encounter an alarm, they said they would not attack the home.

Detect Fire

Residential security systems are so much more than an alarm. They have the capability to detect smoke and fire, carbon monoxide and even moisture

Watch Children Remotely

Some residential security systems will monitor what time doors are unlocked within the home. This can be a great way to track the comings and goings of children within the home – especially if you are working during the day and want to ensure they get home safe.

Whether or not you have a residential security system, there are other things you can do around your home to keep your property safe. Download our 10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe to see what additional things you can do to create peace of mind.