Five Reasons To Keep Your Home Phone Service

Posted on March 24, 2014

Sebastian Home Phone ServiceThere’s no denying it. We love our cell phones.

It’s the first thing most people check when they wake up and the last thing they browse before turning the light off. These tiny little devices hold cherished photos, connect us to friends, or direct us to the nearest Chinese restaurant.

Nothing seems to stump them. But are they enough reason to shut off your home phone service?

Hold The Phone

While the cell phone has revolutionized the way we communicate and share information, there are times where it may leave us vulnerable, or it plain fails to deliver. Consider the following…

Calling For Help

GPS systems bundled with mobile devices get us out of a bind on the road, but they prove less effective with emergency calls made from home, where outgoing receivers don’t automatically have your house location for dispatch in case of little or no response from you.

When You Like Privacy

Cell phones often use radio wave frequencies for communication, making them more prone to eavesdropping criminals tapping into the conversations — stealing social security numbers, credit card data, exploitable personal details — you name it. Although landlines are not immune to tapping, they require more complicated equipment to crack, so most crooks don’t bother.

During Storms Or Outages

Severe weather conditions can wreak havoc on cell towers and cause power outages, leaving you with limited means of communication in a potentially dangerous situation. The underground landlines are tried and true in such a dilemma, putting you and your family at ease even in candlelight.

Saving On Money

Speaking of family, do you have kids? While your preteens may start fighting you on this, your easiest and cheapest option for a young family is still the landline. And do you make frequent long calls? Flat rates are always more attractive than cell charges that slam you for going even a few minutes over your limit.

For A Critical Call

Have an important job interview or business call? You can brave it on a cell phone, or maybe a fancy video chat, but chances of fuzzy reception or abrupt disconnections are higher. Job employers won’t be impressed either when the reason for the dropped call was due to your dead cell battery.

Think before your pull that cord out of the wall. You may want to keep that longtime friend in your home to tackle your tasks dependably and safely.