How Smart Can Your Home Actually Be?

Posted on December 30, 2013

Home Automation Fresno With all of the things that we have to keep track of these days, wouldn’t it be nice if someone or something else could do some of the thinking for you?

With a home automation system, you actually can. With feature benefits like energy monitoring and Smart Schedules, you can go on with your life knowing that your home is doing everything it can to save you time and money.

Benefits of Home Automation

Studies have shown that homeowners can cut their power usage by up to 10% when they know how much power they’re using.

By integrating energy management and home automation with your security system, data becomes a valuable asset allowing for informed decisions to better manage your home.

Take control of your home and energy bill with these money saving features.


Who wouldn’t want to come home to a cool house in the summer and a warm house in the winter?

Remotely adjust your thermostat via the Web or’s mobile app and set automatic thermostat schedules so you save money.


Remotely turn your lights on or off, have them come on automatically when you walk in the door or set a schedule to make it look like someone is home when you are on vacation.

This feature just adds an extra level of peace of mind because who really likes walking into a dark house at night?

Smart Schedules

Make your home think for you!

Create custom energy-saving schedules for your home or business to automatically adjust the temperature so you’re not wasting energy when you are away.

Activity Patterns

A smarter way to optimize energy savings using the behavioral insights from your security system to make better energy decisions. We are all creatures of habit. Use this to your advantage and save some money.

Energy Monitoring

With insight into your energy usage and costs, you’ll know how to adjust your schedules to save energy and money. According to PG&E, as you use more energy throughout the month, you cross into higher pricing tiers. Avoid the higher tiers by making smarter energy consumption choices with this tool.

Extreme Temperatures

When extremely hot or cold weather rolls through, have your security system automatically adjust the temperature to help you reduce energy waste. This feature will especially come in handy during the hot summer months when temperatures are sure to hit 100 degrees or more.

See How it Works

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