How This Agribusiness Innovates With Our Camera Coverage

Posted on April 28, 2014

Agribusiness SebastianMeet Alvaro Roman, our Commercial Department Project Manager and Lead Technician. He headed up a camera installation project for a local milling company here in the Central Valley, a job that became quite a unique task. In fact, it’s a great example of security cameras being utilized for more than just security.

Sebastian sent a small team to Western Milling, an agricultural nutrient solutions business right outside of Visalia. The visit, originally a service call to update their existing camera system, turned into an opportunity to address a real problem the company was facing.

Some of Western Milling’s equipment was not functioning as efficiently as they wanted, specifically their mechanical arm used to load feed into the transport cars.

Turns out the arm was damaging the hatches above the cars. To provide a better field of view, Alvaro and his team installed two Arecont cameras; the first up above to capture the mechanical arm as it opens and passes through the hatch of the car, and the second focusing on the sides of the car for identification to make sure there’s no incident. If an issue occurs, Western Milling knows exactly which car was affected and how it happened.

Thanks to 3 megapixels, the installed Arecont cameras provide fast frame rates that smooth out the image while in motion, have powerful forensic zooming for fine details, and a dome feature that protects from vandalism and other hazards.


With this extra camera coverage, Western Milling has reduced the amount of wear and tear the cars sustain. Additionally, Sebastian’s follow-up after the installation proves to be quick, saving Western Milling time and money.

“We are able to log in remotely to their server, make adjustments and troubleshoot the cameras without outside visits,” says Roman.

Possibilities are vast when it comes to using powerful camera technology, and it can do much more for you than just surveillance. How can we think outside of the box for you and your property? We’re all ears.