Over 40% of Interns Who Complete Our Track Have Been Hired On!

Sebastian partners with local schools throughout California to provide students a professional and educational work experience. We offer students with different educational backgrounds the opportunity to expand on their knowledge and skillsets in a professional environment. Each of our internship tracks last 4 months and typically line up with the beginning of each semester.

We have multiple internships going on throughout the year, so positions will open sporadically. We present at local schools and career fairs in conjunction with internship openings.


“I was given a project within the first few months of my internship which allowed for a lot of collaboration alongside estimators and project managers. The pace of work has been steady, but I have been able to work at my own pace with the assistance I needed. I definitely see a career here. I love the company because I feel like part of the family.”

Eddie Miltimore
Sacramento State, CA

“I had a great experience during my four months as an intern at Sebastian. They provided me with real work that benefits the company along with necessary internship type duties. I was given plenty of freedom and trust during my workdays, which made me feel that this office would be a great place for a career.”

Chase Bauer
Fresno State, CA

“Having an internship at Sebastian was a great experience! I have learned so much about the construction industry while I was here. Be prepared to learn and ask a lot of questions because it will help understand the real-world situations!”

Adam Xiong
Fresno State, CA

“Sebastian has contributed much value to my professional development as I was challenged by the electrical scope of work. It has made me a much more well-rounded student now having more electrical under my belt. I appreciated how organized the internship program was. It was clear what each month of the 4 month program would consist of.

Freddy Aguilar
Sacramento State, CA

“My experience was both exciting and rewarding working with everyone. Work does not feel like work which is pretty much why it is exciting. Rewarding because I am learning a lot, more than what I expected, and it is not the stressful kind of learning. My supervisor made sure that I did not get overwhelmed with a lot of information or tasks that I had to complete, which was a huge relief.”

Janica Bucaneg
Design Technology
Cosumnes River College, CA

What will you do?

Currently we have 7 different internship tracks, all with specialized curriculums designed to get the most out of your internship. These 7 tracks support the IT, HR, Accounting, Recruiting, Construction, Commercial, and Marketing/Sales departments. As an intern with Sebastian, you will…