Over 40% of interns who have completed our program have been hired on full-time.

Sebastian partners with local schools throughout California to provide students a professional and educational work experience. We offer students with different educational backgrounds the opportunity to expand on their knowledge and skillsets in a professional environment. Each of our internship tracks last 4 months and typically line up with the beginning of each semester/summer break.

Our current internship tracks.

Sebastian is constantly growing our vast amount of internships. Each internship comes with a different curriculum and learning curve. You are given the opportunity to learn alongside a seasoned manager/supervisor who will give you insight into their profession.

Our internship provides a mentor that conducts monthly check-ins to make sure that you are satisfied with your internship track. This also gives you the opportunity to provide feedback to help aid us in the constant improvement of our internship program.








We partner with schools who value their students' futures.

Sebastian has partnered with a variety of high schools, 4-year colleges, community colleges, and vocational schools. If you are a representative of a school that would like to partner with us, contact us today.