Is Voicemail Really Dead?

Posted on July 8, 2014

Let’s see by a show of hands … how many people hate picking up their phone, dialing into voicemail, entering a password and THEN listening to a single voicemail? Anyone? It can’t just be me, can it?Video Conferencing from your phone

Unfortunately, I know I’m not alone. A 2012 report by Vonage, an Internet phone company, found that retrieved voicemail messages fell by 14 percent from the prior year.

Now one could speculate that people are just too lazy to listen but these abandoned voicemails could be casualties of a cultural shift were we now favor holding conversations via text message and email rather than actually talking to another person.

This hypothesis can be supported by the fact that the average phone user, worldwide, checks their phone 150 times a day and 65 percent of all email is accessed by mobile device first.

The Future of Voicemail

Imagine how easy it would be to check your voicemail by simply checking your email? Luckily for us, the technology exists! It is now possible for your voicemail to be sent to your email completely transcribed. All you need to do is read it. No prompts to push. No replaying a long message to try and write down a phone number that you couldn’t catch.

Just think how liberating it will be for employees who travel and conduct their business outside of the office to have one less tie to their desk. The freedom to easily access voicemail from anywhere is sure to please the road warrior in your office.