Security Beams Aren’t Just for the Movies

Posted on April 14, 2014

When you have an area of land to protect, large or small, you could build a fence or maybe install a security camera.

sebastian business securityBut what about setting up an accurate perimeter security system that would sound the minute someone crosses its path? Sound too fancy for you and your operation?

It’s not.

Private residents, banks and even farmers are harnessing the power of the beam to protect precious land and valuable assets. Take a look at how different people use a technology we offer through our Optex vendor.

Bank Vault

Due to insurance company requirements, a bank needed to add an extra layer of security to its already secure system to ensure there were no gaps in detection.

The solution was simple – laser detectors from Optex were installed to create four adjustable invisible laser curtains around the safety deposit boxes and the vault. The adjustable laser curtains did not leave any gaps in the detection field. The detectors were easily interfaced with the closed-circuit television and the existing intruder alarm infrastructure.

Car Dealership

Car thieves sure know how to work around security systems in order to steal parts and tires, or even the entire car. One dealership wanted to fight back and upgrade its security system in order to detect thefts while they occurred. Their original system proved to be ineffective and they needed a stronger defense.

With the help of Optex technology, the dealership installed a flexible system that was able to work around the tricky perimeter of the property while not letting wildlife and vegetation interfere with the coverage. Once the beam is tripped, the property’s security cameras alerts the alarm monitoring company.

Private Residence

A homeowner was looking for a way to protect treasured property from intruders using early-warning detection technology linked to a closed circuit TV system without having to put up a fence that was, to be honest, less than aesthetically pleasing. The system provides 100% ground coverage immune to false alarms that could be caused by the owners pets and vegetation.

Rooftop Security

Recently, a Sebastian client experienced more than $10,000 in damages from copper thefts in their rooftop air conditioning units. The multiple thefts not only left the units useless but it left the employees sweltering in the summer heat, where temperatures often reach above 100 degrees in the Central Valley. The losses in productivity along with the time and money needed to replace the missing equipment was more than enough incentive to make sure it never happened again.

A rooftop perimeter security system designed to detect unwanted intruders on the roof included:

  • Several multi-pixel security cameras
  • An infrared perimeter security system
  • Lights and sirens that sound when someone hits the roof

With security beams that are both accurate and thorough, now is the time to consider how you can increase your defenses. Be an advocate for your property’s well-being, a mission objective that’s more than possible.