Three Benefits of Home Automation That Will Change Your Life

Posted on December 5, 2013

How many times have you left your house only to ask yourself minutes later if you locked the door or set the alarm? For most people, the answer will be more than they would like to admit.

The sense of dread and not knowing is enough to make you turn your car around and drive back and Home Automation in the Central Valley double check.

Thankfully, we live in the age of technological innovation and it is Sebastian Home Automationnow possible to turn off lights, turn on a heater, lock your doors and even watch the inside of your home while you are away.

These features may seem too good to be true or too expensive for you to use, but in reality, home automation will not only save you time but it can also save you money.

Three Benefits of Home Automation


Even though most of us would like to be in two places at once, it is simply impossible. A home automation system will allow you to manage your home even when you aren’t there.

Turn alarms on and off, unlock doors or even turn on the lights so you don’t have to come home to a dark home. You will have the ability to manage timers and settings while you go about your day – even if you aren’t at home.

Is the repair man coming to fix your broken washing machine? Did you child forget their house key at school again? Don’t worry about leaving work to let them in. Simply unlock the door from your phone and go about your busy work day. With this system, it is almost like you are in two places at once!

Energy Savings

According to a recent study by the Consumer Electronics Association, energy efficient technologies are the most popular among home automation options in an American household. This makes sense when you think of all of the savings that could be had with being able to turn your AC or heater on or off during the day.

Running the air conditioning in your home all day while nobody is home can be a huge waste of energy and money. Yet, it isn’t pleasant to come home to a sweltering home in the middle or summer. With a home automation system, you can set a timer or manually turn on the AC before you get home

There is even an option to track energy usage for the entire home and for individual energy-consuming devices.


Peace of mind is something that money just can’t buy. With a home automation system, you can assign user codes to your locks so you can tell exactly who is entering your home and at what time.

Want to know exactly when your kids walk through the door? Now you have the capability to send notifications to your phone when they open the front door.

Sometimes a picture is worth a 1,000 words and a video camera within the home will allow users to check in on family members and pets throughout the day.

You can even turn your lights on right before you get home at night so you don’t have to walk into a dark home.

Saving time and money is crucial for many people and with home automation it can become a reality.