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Sebastian delivers cutting-edge commercial solutions in telecommunications, security, and construction, backed by decades of expertise and unwavering commitment to service.

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At Sebastian, we’re more than just service providers; we’re pioneers in technology and construction since 1946. Our comprehensive range, from advanced telecommunications to robust security and construction services, caters to both individuals and businesses. What sets us apart is our live, local customer support, ensuring responsive and efficient service. Trusted by private and public sectors alike, our commitment to excellence and innovative solutions is evident in every project. Discover why Sebastian is synonymous with quality and future-ready infrastructure.


est. 1946

1946 was the beginning of a small family of companies that are known today as

Sebastian. The first of these companies was Kerman Telephone Co., purchased by Bill and Katey Sebastian on June 20, 1946. Their reason for purchasing the company, in Bill’s own words, was simple:

"My wife Katey and I scraped up our courage and our last dollar, and bought an opportunity in the form of Kerman Telephone Co."

Today, that courage and spirit of opportunity – what we call the Spirit of 46 – continues to flourish and reflects our company’s values, purpose, and vision for the future.


Family owned. Family values.

For over 75 years, Sebastian Corp has provided exceptional electrical services in California.

To provide people with a great place to work and the opportunity to prosper, serving their communities, their company, and their customers.

Respect for customers, colleagues and community.

Service that exceeds expectations.

Loyalty without entitlement

Responsibility to get things done.


Leading by example.

Bill Barcus


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VP of Operations

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Director of Sales, Marketing, Estimating, Recruiting, & Business Development

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Director of Accounting

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