Fire Services

Ensure maximum protection and compliance with our Fire Control & Monitoring Services, utilizing the latest technologies to safeguard your premises against fire hazards.

Fire Control & Monitoring Services

Fire Alarm Systems

Install comprehensive fire alarm systems for early detection and prompt evacuation, protecting lives and property with cutting-edge technology.

We offer:
  • Smoke Detectors: Advanced smoke detection systems designed to provide early warning, minimizing risk and damage.
  • Heat Sensors: High-accuracy heat sensors suitable for environments where smoke detectors are less effective, ensuring complete fire detection coverage.
  • Manual Pull Stations: Install manual pull stations as an essential component of fire safety, allowing immediate alarm activation in case of emergency.

Fire Monitoring

Continuous monitoring services that ensure a rapid response from emergency services, reducing the impact of fire incidents.

We offer:
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring: Constant monitoring of fire alarm systems to ensure immediate notification of emergency responders.
  • Remote System Access: Remote access capabilities for system status checks and alerts, keeping you informed wherever you are.
  • System Integration: Integration of fire control systems with building management systems for streamlined safety operations.

Emergency Lighting & Signage

Implement emergency lighting and signage to facilitate safe and orderly evacuation during power outages or fire emergencies.

We offer:
  • Exit Signs: Bright and compliant exit signs that lead the way to safety, even in smoke-filled environments.
  • Emergency Lighting: Robust emergency lighting systems that illuminate escape paths and critical areas during power failures.
  • Egress Pathway Markings: Install clear and visible egress pathway markings to guide occupants to safety in case of an emergency.

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