Electrical Services

Sebastian’s Electrical Services offers unmatched professional expertise for commercial projects, ensuring reliable, high-quality electrical solutions tailored to your business needs.

Electrical Services

Commercial Wiring

Ensure your business’s infrastructure is robust and future-proof with our comprehensive commercial wiring services, from structured cabling to complete electrical retrofits.

We offer:
  • Structured Cabling: Dependable and organized cabling solutions that support data, voice, and video systems, ensuring seamless operations.
  • Electrical Retrofitting: Up-to-date modifications to existing electrical systems, enhancing safety and efficiency without major disruptions.
  • Surge Protection: Advanced surge protection systems to safeguard your business’s electronic equipment from unexpected power spikes.

Lighting Solutions

Illuminate your business efficiently with our custom lighting solutions, offering everything from energy-efficient upgrades to emergency lighting systems.
We offer:
  • Energy-Efficient Upgrades: Transition to energy-saving lighting options that reduce costs and support environmental sustainability.
  • Emergency Lighting: Reliable and compliant emergency lighting installations to ensure safety during power outages.
  • Exterior Lighting: Design and installation of outdoor lighting systems that enhance security and aesthetics of your commercial space.


Optimize your power systems with our reliable power distribution services, including electrical panel installations and transformer setups.

We offer:
  • Electrical Panel Installation: Installation of high-performance electrical panels to manage power distribution effectively.
  • Backup Generators: Implementation of backup generators to keep your business operational during power outages.
  • Transformer Installations: Expert installation of transformers for appropriate voltage regulation and efficient power supply.

Outlets & Controls

Maximize efficiency and enhance safety with Sebastian’s Electrical Control Systems, offering the latest in power switches, outlets, and intelligent motion-sensing technology.

We offer:
  • Automated Power Switches: Implement automated power switches to enhance operational efficiency with streamlined energy management.
  • USB and Smart Outlets: Incorporate USB and smart outlets into your business for convenient charging and smart device integration.
  • Outdoor Motion Sensors: Boost security and conserve energy with advanced outdoor motion sensors that illuminate your business environment on demand.
  • Safety Switches: Elevate workplace safety with industrial-grade safety switches that provide immediate power cut-off in emergency situations.

When It’s Complicated, The Answer Is Simple. Sebastian!

For over 75 years, Sebastian Corp has provided exceptional electrical services in California.

Our team of highly trained, dedicated professionals will work closely with you to handle your electrical design, installation, troubleshooting, upgrade, and repair work.
Count on us for the most innovative solutions in electrical services.


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